In compliance with recommendations made by the British Nutrition Foundation, we provide a document with Dietary Reference Values providing estimates of the energy and nutritional requirements for different groups of people in the UK population. They are not recommendations or goals.

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VitaminEU DRV
Vitamin A800 µg / 2664 IU
Vitamin D5 µg / 200 IU
Vitamin E12 mg / 17.9 IU
Vitamin K75 µg
Vitamin C80mg
Thiamin1.1 mg
Riboflavin1.4 mg
Niacin16 mg
Vitamin B61.4 mg
Folacin/Folic Acid200 µg
Vitamin B122.5 µg
Biotin50 µg
Pantothenic Acid6 mg
MineralEU DRV
Chloride800 mg
Calcium800 mg
Phosphorus700 mg
Iron14 mg
Zinc10 mg
Copper1 mg
Manganese2 mg
Fluoride3.5 mg
Selenium55 µg
Chromium40 µg
Molybdenum 50 µg
Iodine150 µg

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