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Liquid Supplement Manufacture

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A Tailored Contract Manufacturing Service For Liquids

At GMP, our capabilities as a liquid supplement manufacturer enable us to produce products tailored entirely to our client’s individual requirements. We manufacture all products in-house using state of the art technology so can accommodate a broad range of order requirements.

When developing new products, our in-house team of experts are able to advise you on finding an appropriate base, PH level and flavour to compliment your ingredients. We understand that, in order to meet customer expectations in this market, flavour is key. We therefore work with a range of both natural and artificial flavourings to meet your prefered taste profile.

Quality control is an essential element of our operation at GMP and our team have a meticulous eye for detail, ensuring that every order receives the same level of attention. We work according to a strict set of procedures which guarantee a consistently high level of quality.

Ease of use and fast absorption has made liquid supplements a popular choice for a range of nutritional and medical supports. From herbal vitamin shots to recovery liquids, we have the capacity to manufacture a range of products.

More Than Manufacturing

As liquid manufacturing is a highly scientific process, we apply extra diligence to ensure suspension and stability levels are maintained. For optimum results, our team can conduct an additional range of stability tests to determine an accurate product shelf life.

We know that packaging is a key component when it comes to liquid supplements, so we provide a comprehensive range of options. From convenient ‘on the go’ style containers to child safety caps, we can ensure that the design is tailored to suit your target market. We’re also able to provide custom labelling to help you achieve a result which reflects your brand and stands out on the shelf.

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